What is Sakura Blizzard? The Reason Behind My Nickname

I recently had someone ask, “Hey, why do you call yourself SakuraBlizzard?”

Good question.

Sakura Blizzard Jutsu is a special, original move by Sakura Haruno from Naruto. She ad the other two main characters in Naruto have all developed special moves: Sasuke has “Lion’s Barrage”, Naruto has his “Harem Jutsu” and “Sexy Jutsu” and Sakura has “Sakura Blizzard Jutsu” which is more a Taijutsu (physical attack or something that doesn’t involve the use of chakra) than anything. Sakura Blizzard Jutsu is where Sakura throws a handful of paper bombs at someone, along with a handful of cherry blossom petals. After this, she throws a kunai knife with a bomb attached.

I’ve included the original jutsus of all three characters, in case you want to see them!!!!! Sakura Blizzard comes first! 

Sakura Blizzard Jutsu AND Lion’s Barrage, both in the same video! (It’s in English so I thought it would be better… it’s from the first Naruto movie…)

Sakura Blizzard Jutsu, Japanese version!

Naruto’s HAREM JUTSU!!!!!! All you need to do is watch to understand… (Performing for Gai and Lee. This move sends most guys into a corner with dangerous nosebleeds or turns them into pervs.)

Now, do you all know Konohamaru, the Hokage’s grandson? Well, he and his two best friends…well… improved on this technique when it didn’t work for Naruto…


One Response to “What is Sakura Blizzard? The Reason Behind My Nickname”

  1. SakuraBlizzard Says:

    WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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