Vampire Knight (WARNING: There will be spoilers.)


Vampire Knight. What can I say about it except it comes in second only to Twilight. Otherwise you can’t beat this vampire story. 

Yuki, the main character, is a young girl attending Cross Academy, a prestigious school where her foster father takes care of her and her adopted brother, Zero. Yuki and Zero, known as the School Guardians, guard a certain class…

The Night Class.

Yuki and Zero, who are in the day class, attend school during the day as normal students, like all their friends. However…when their school day is over, the Night Class emerges. 

The Night Class– a group of stunningly gorgeous, elite, glamorous, extremely rich students. But there is a secret the Day Class does not know…

The Night Class

They are all vampires– and not the vegetarian kind like the Cullens. These are human-consuming, red-eyed (well, actually maroon-eyed), elegant and beautiful monsters.

Yuki and Zero “protect” them from the Day Class fangirls, who have crushes on the boys. (The fanboys who like the Night Class girls are too shy.)


Yuki and Zero

Yuki and Zero-- best friends and guardians

He isn’t kissing her. He’s got her necklace in between his teeth.

My Favorite Yuki and Zero Picture

My Favorite Yuki and Zero Picture

Yuki Cross is a sweet fifteen-year-old girl who has no memories before the time she was five years old. Even then, her first memory is of her being attacked by a vampire, called a Level E. Level E means that they used to be human and eventually went crazy after being bitten by a pureblood vampire (only purebloods can turn humans into vampires, and when the human-now-vampire drinks the blood of a pureblood, they won’t become a Level E and go insane).

Yuki was saved from the Level E by pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran, most likely the most beautiful boy that Yuki has ever seen. He takes her to Kaien Cross, who is starting an academy where vampires and humans could peacefully co-exist. 

Kaname Kuran, Yuki Cross' Savior

Kaname Kuran, Yuki Cross' Savior

Kaname, obviously, is a vampire, as he is licking off the blood of the enemy he just killed. Though fearsome, he is also kind.

Kaname Comforts Yuki

Kaname Comforts Yuki

Zero Kiryu is a misanthropic sixteen-year-old boy who has been bitten by a pureblood vampire. He himself is becoming a Level E and only finds satisfaction with drinking Yuki’s blood. She willingly gives herself up for him, hoping that her blood will provide some comfort and keep her best friend sane for a little longer.

Zero also harbors a secret love for Yuki, the girl who still remains with him even as he steadily grows madder and his fascination with blood increases. 

SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! Eventually, Zero has a nightmare that he would kill Yuki, drinking too much of her blood. He awakens, terrified, to find Yuki there, asking him what is the matter. He hugs her tightly, relieved that he hadn’t killed her– yet. He knows that soon, though, it would go too far and he would end up hurting her. 

Yuki quickly demands to know whether or not he is okay, to which he slowly replies yes. Her smile when she says that she is relieved is too much for him, and he leans in and almost kisses her, but stops himself.

This is an adorable scene. One of my favorites! Here it is:





I am a huge fan of Yuki and Zero as a couple…please watch thi  video…my favorite couple to my favorite song, I love it so much…

Anyway, I’ve gotten to the point in the series who I fine out who Yuki ends up falling in love with. The choice is between Kaname and Zero, and here is who she picks (this is a huge spoiler so I am putting a link in, and if you want to read this series it might not be a great idea to look at this):

So, I hope that you all get interested in Vampire Knight! It’s worth your time..especially if you like gorgeous vampires. ❤


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  1. rachel fultz Says:

    i want u to give me updates!please!
    i love the seties and i think yuki will choose zero…

  2. cute

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