SasuNaru (I’m doing this for a friend…)

Yeah, I am not really a “Sasuke-Naruto love” person.

Let me rephrase: I’m not into yaoi!!!! If it’s a girl disguised as a guy and another guy get’s a crush on her, I can understand– cross-dressing as another gender and having someone of that gender like him/her is ok with me!!!!!!!! Also, for me to enjoy the yaoi, it’s gotta be a lemon! Otherwise I’m all like “Weird weird werid!”

Nothing against yaoi, of course. 😦 It just ain’t my thing. I’m a het.

HOWEVER…I promised ChicagoIsCalling7 that I would put a SasuNaru page up for her. Here it is. She was like, “Aww, but SasuNaru is so cute– seriously, look it up on Google and you get all these chibi pictures!”

I was like, “Whatever. Fine.”

So here it is.



That’s actually sort of cute.



I 3 u, Sasuke!

"I ❤ u, Sasuke!"

Grr. I 3 u.

"Grr. I ❤ u."

The Famous Sasuke-Naruto Kiss. *BUMP*
The Famous Sasuke-Naruto Kiss. *BUMP*

Sorry if any of these pics got cut off…


6 Responses to “SasuNaru (I’m doing this for a friend…)”

  1. ChicagoIsCalling7 Says:

    Ain’t she the bestest? Thank you! I love it, and you must admit it’s pretty cute. But, I am open to other couples and shall therefore admit that, in the event that SasuNaru does not become a reality, NaruSaku is a pretty good second.

    But SasuNaru is still pretty cute.


  2. how could u not lov sasunaru huh it is tha best man and so so so ………… awwww

    PS and ur friends pics rokz ^w^ meow

  3. YaoiFreak13 Says:

    That’s awesome! Make another yaoi page! another! another!

  4. Hayner818 Says:

    Awww soo cute

  5. awww…
    that was so cute but some were kinda…..not…normal
    but i loved it next will u do a narusaku and a kakashi page?
    kakashi dosnt really have a girl but he is awsome
    also plz do a juriya page he is so funny!

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