Sasuke Uchiha– “Harry Potter of Konoha”? I don’t think so.

Before I get into this, I’d like to say that the ultimate Sasuke song is “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” Now, I’ll get into the meat of the issue: Is Sasuke Uchiha Konoha’s Harry Potter?

We’ve probably all heard the comparison– Sasuke Uchiha of Masashi Kishimoto’s “Naruto” being compared to Harry Potter. There are striking similarities, to be sure: a tragic past, last of the clan, parents murdered, a lot of power, the desire to kill the one who slaughtered their families, a strange (?) mentor (for Sasuke it was Kakashi then Orochimaru, and in Harry’s case Dumbledore) girls always chasing after them, their best friend is a bit of a dimwit… the list can go on and on.

However, there is also something I wanted to point out, that other people seemed to have lost as they were busy comparing the two wonder boys:

One of these two became evil.

Harry resisted the dark side for the power of good, which, though it failed him all too many times, ended up being what saved him in the end. Sasuke took, at the time, a wiser path: a one-way route to evil under the training of Orochimaru.

During his three years with Orochimaru, it seems that Saske has inherited some of his traits. It quotes on Narutopedia:

During the end of Part One each Sannin took a member of Team 7 for their apprentice, training them, and in turn passing many of their qualities onto them. Orochimaru passed onto Sasuke Uchiha his affinity for snake summoning, some of his secret techniques, and his stare of killing intent that can paralyze most people with fear.

We find that these two, HP and SU, aren’t very alike at all. 

Upon first meeting Sasuke, we are given the impression of the ladies’ man, the perfect crush, in a way: cool, brooding, mysterious, and the top of the class. On top of that, don’t forget his good looks. Then, just when we think all is good and Sasuke is really a great guy, Naruto goes and learns the Rasengan. I didn’t think I’d ever see Sasuke nervous about his position in the team, or his seat of power in general– but this is proved during his fight with Naruto, where he uses his Chidori and Naruto his Rasengan. However, we see two displays of power: the Chidori, which creates an enormous hole and spilling water from the water tank in which Sasuke crashed into, and then the Rasengan, which made a little tiny hole in the front, but what appeared to be an explosion from the back. 




And Sasuke is afraid. 

The fear delves deep inside him, the fear that the knucklehead he’d always been able to look down on was finally surpassing him. Perhaps, just perhaps, this was what made true evil intent root inside him. 

So, then, you may ask, was the cause of Sasuke’s betrayal Naruto? Is the main protagonist, Sasuke’s best friend, Naruto to blame? Well, yes and no. That’s controversial.

It was Sasuke’s desire for power that drove him to darkness, this craving for strength due to his growing feelings of inferiority.

Also, this can be linked back to Sasuke’s meeting with Itachi when he was visiting Konoha briefly: he fights pitifully against his brother. The incident with the Chidori and Rasengan only adds to this. The fear that Naruto, the clumsy knucklehead ninja, is maturing and growing stronger faster than he is…it’s just too much for Sasuke to handle. At this rate, there is no way he could be Itachi, and he already has bad chances at that– a snowball’s chance in hell.

So, just to conclude my way-too-lengthy “analysis” on our serious friend Sasuke, I’d like to share this picture with you all:

I'm a ninja. Don't stare.

I'm a ninja. Don't stare.

Oh, yeah, and my favorite Sasuke move is… LION’S BARRAGE!!!!!

Though I wonder how it is possible for them to stay in the air for that long, isn’t that always the question? I love Sasuke’s line, “Come back here! I’m not done yet! LION’S BARRAGE!” WOO! GO SASUKE! If that isn’t sexy I don’t know what is!! No wonder all the girls like him– after that move, my, er, feelings for Sasuke sort of reflect Ino’s. (Doesn’t that bring all sorts of weird images to mind?)

But, dude– what is with the Sakura close-up at 0:49? She’s like, “D’oh!”


8 Responses to “Sasuke Uchiha– “Harry Potter of Konoha”? I don’t think so.”

  1. ChicagoIsCalling7 Says:

    Okay, first off, personally, and now I feel like an idiot, I’ve never heard of this argument. Harry Potter? Who comes up with this stuff?! Anyway, I do not see the similarity. And I actually do not think that Naruto was the cause of Sasuke’s departure, but then again, maybe I’m biased. But, to get pretty off topic, my favorite of the chunin exams has always been Naruto’s fights, both in the preliminaries (against Kiba), and the third part (against Neji). I think I like the last one a bit more, cause not only does he surpass everyone expectations, he’s fighting a cute guy and makes him see the light. I just feel so proud of him for doing all that!


    That’s all.



  2. ChicagoIsCalling7 Says:

    Man, I keep forgetting to say something.

    I never noticed before, but, as cute as Sasuke is, he looks way beteter in the anime than the manga.

  3. I agree– I think he is cuter in the anime. Like, he’s more…I don’t know, but his manga self doesn’t quite compare with his rugged good looks in the anime. That’s also the case with…

  4. Oh yeah, about the Harry/Sasuke thing…anyone who hasn’t heard of that is out of the Sasuke loop! I’m kidding, don’t feel bad, because I only heard about it a little while ago, but it really bothered me. You have Sasuke, a great character, and you go and compare him with someone who is, like, ten times shallower than him?!?! I just couldn’t handle it, so I thought I’d make a stand.

  5. Oh, yeah, in response to the chunin exam thing, my favorite fights are Shikamaru’s and Naruto’s.

  6. YaoiFreak13 Says:

    Neji’s my lover! WOOT!

  7. I read a article under the same title some time ago, but this articles quality is much, much better. How you do this?

    • pixie45 Says:

      What do you mean by that? I wrote this a while back after hearing someone mention at a convention that Sasuke was an equivalent of Harry, and that Naruto was kinda like Ron and Sakura like Hermione, then Hinata like Ginny and on and on and on, so I wrote this to kind of disprove it…
      Do you have the link to the other article?

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