OMG! The Yuki-Zero Kiss…At Long Last!

Not an “almost kiss” like last time– this is the REAL THING, ladies and gents! Finally, Zero plucks up the courage and kisses the girl of his dreams!

Now, I have several views on this chapter. For one, Yuki is already in love with Kaname, which is a bit of a disappointment because Kaname is, well, her older brother. It’s pretty twisted if you ask me, but seeing as how pureblood vampires are a dying race, they, er, have to keep the line going, y’know?

Not to say that I don’t like Kaname. Oh, no, I love Kaname– he’s so sweet, maybe a little solemn, but so very sweet. He treats Yuki with the utmost affection and adoration, and for that, I give him full marks. And anyway– who can’t love Kaname? There may be some dislike for him stealing Yuki away from Zero, but that can be accepted and gotten over, y’know? I mean, I was so sure that Yuki was going to end up with Zero, but obviously she’s going to end up with Kaname (I know that she won’t suddenly change her mind and shock us all by going back to Zero because she and Zero are sworn enemies now– Zero says it is his duty to kill her and she says she will continue to run away from him, but her intentions are much sweeter: she wants him to have a reason to live, even if that reason is to murder her. Anyway, Vampires, particularly purebloods like Yuki and Kaname, don’t mix with Vampire Hunters like Zero. The possible only exceptions to this are Kaien Cross (the Headmaster) and Toga Yagari).

But Zero was…so real. He was human, but slowly being devoured by this monster inside him. Like, oh, I don’t know. I’m trying to think of a good literary character to compare him to. How about Dr. Jekyll? Like, Jekyll eventually couldn’t control his monster and ended up comitting suicide. It’s like Zero, minus the suicide. Almost, anyway— who remembers whis suicide attempt in book one and later in his jail cell?

So anyway, for those of you who have long awaited for the Yuki and Zero kiss, and then Zero letting the love of his life go to be with “the man who can spend eternity by her side”, here it is:

(click me. i’m below. then go up to page 32-33.)

And, just in case you wanted to see it, the Yuki-Kaname kiss:

(click me. i’m below. read up to page 26.)

By the way. Those of you ignorant enough of the Japanese language to not know what “Onii-sama“, the title Yuki calls Kaname, means– well, here’s a bit of a tutorial on honorfics and name-calling:

Onii— brother.

Onee— sister.

Yuki says “Onii-sama.” You may notice that she adds on this weird little word at the end, called an honorific, “-sama.” Basically, “-sama” is  a very respectful term, so she’s saying “big brother” to Kaname in a very, very respectful way, almost the way you would talk to someone of a much higher class, the way you would talk to someone you adore ardently, or the way a servant may talk to their master. (Whoa– that brings all sorts of sick ideas to mind with Yuki and her brother/incest lover!)

However, Yuki used to call Kaname, “Kaname-sama” instead of “Onii-sama.” Basically, here she was saying Kaname’s name in a very respectful manner.  Later, she’d switched to “Kaname-senpai“, “-senpai” being the term for an upperclassman in school, like a seventh grader talking to an eigth grader. If she’d called him “Kaname-san“, then this would be slightly more formal than “-senpai” but not nearly as formal as “-sama.” When using “-san” it is like a polite term that you use when meeting someone for the first time or when talking with someone you just know through passing and are not that close to, like saying “Mr. Kaname”– in fact, she would typically use his last name with “-san“, turning it into “Kuran-san” or “Mr. Kuran.” However, if she’d called him “Kaname-kun“, this would she that she is very close with him and on first-name terms at least. Calling him “Kaname-chan“… well, that would just be disgusting, as “-chan” is mostly used for girls. Though “-kun” can be used for girls, but it is sort of a teasing or playful way to talk to a friend, or to refer to a tomboy girl like this. Using “-chan” for a boy can be one of three things: 1) calling a guy girly; 2) using it as a cutesy term for a close boy friend; or– my favorite– 3) calling a guy a gay.

Finally, adding no honorific at all to the end expresses the closest form of endearment— the closest you can be to someone. Typically family members and very close friends don’t use honorifics, though they can.

There– hope that helped for anyone who does not get that.



One Response to “OMG! The Yuki-Zero Kiss…At Long Last!”

  1. hahahaha… that last line was funny… which i’m guessing you got from the “hahaha…”. I had problems with endings and whatnot too, then a manga had a handy dandy (O.O) list of them and their meanings.
    But not the point!!!
    The point is more like: AHHHH!!! Finally, they kiss!!! This is what i’ve been wating for, even though i sorta kinda gave up on Vampire Knight!!!
    That is pretty sweet of Yuuki, running away so Zero has a purpose… but it’s also kind of dumb of Zero.
    Why can’t he just man up like the vampire dude he is and steal her away from Kaname, the twisted, secret keeping, Yuuki flirting vampire?!
    Yes, i am very dissapointed.

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