Naruto Couples

Yeah, so here are my ideas about Naruto couples.

I like…

KibaHina. Yeah, I’m not a NaruHina fan…Naruto barely even notices her, but Kiba’s obviously head over heels…

Kiba and Hinata

Kiba and Hinata

 ShikaTema! Who ever thought of ShikaIno? They don’t get along at all. ShikaTema roxx.

Shikamaru and Temari

Shikamaru and Temari

 NejiTen (love this couple!!!)

Tenten and Neji

Tenten and Neji

 Man, that picture is so cute. I love it ❤ and it reminds me of when I fall asleep on my guy friend’s shoulder. It makes me wonder how he reacts, though…I think Neji’s reaction is adorable. And Neji blushing has gotta be the cutest thing he’s ever done– this is Neji, who hates showing emotion, ya’ll!

Neji, Tenten laughing

Neji, Tenten laughing

Neji and Tenten-- now and then

Neji and Tenten-- now and then

 Just out of curiosity… I forget now, but did that little exchange happen? Y’know, the “Are you okay?” “Yeah…thanks…” Because that is really cute! I also love Tenten’s reaction in this pic. (I would do that too.) 

NaruSaku (of course)

Naruto and Sakura

Naruto and Sakura: NaruSaku

Personally… I would love to go out with Naruto. He’s adorable, hilarious, he’s got gorgeous blue eyes, and he’s powerful. On top of that, he’s dedicated and determined. He’s just downright cute, ya’ll.

And he does have gorgeous blue eyes– they’re ridiculously blue. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Naruto's hawt blue eyes



Naruto <3

Naruto ❤

Does it sound like I’m crushing on Naruto? Cause I am a little. *Blush*

Neji, too.  *Blushes even more*

Oops! I just realized I didn’t put InoCho up there. Oh, well, I can’t find any pics of Ino X Choji anyway. I didn’t put any good KakaSaku up there– and I mean the protection-love, not the love-love.

Oh well…


Up next are BLEACH couples!


11 Responses to “Naruto Couples”

  1. Does anyone agree with me on this?

  2. ChicagoIsCalling7 Says:

    Yay! I’m responding! I told you i’d go with my most random name idea! Anyway, I totally agree… for the most part. It’s all good till i see NaruSaku- because, as you may know -hint-hint- i’m much more of a SasuNaru (or NaruSasu) fan. And if i didn’t think that Naruto must be with Sasuke, i would steal him for myself (even if i am guilty of loving him too… ^-^’).

    OH! And Neji, blushing, is enough to make anyone swoon.

  3. I know you don’t like NaruSaku, so, just for you, I’ll make a SasuNaru page, full of cute SasuNaru pics.
    And I will be expressing my dislike for this.
    But still… 🙂

  4. OOH! Smileys!

  5. Are there more, I wonder?

  6. Aw, never mind…they didn’t work…the little one that looks like :E is supposed to be a vampire.

  7. These are all the emoticons I know:
    well actually I know more but there isn’t a lot of room to put them and I don’t want to make all of them…

  8. YaoiFreak13 Says:

    Okay I am a total fan for the NejiTen thing. I could care less for the other ones, though. ANY picture I see of Neji Hyuga will make me swoon! I love him to death! Now, for the daily Yaoi! Personally, I think that ItaSasu would be awesome. I like NaruSasu, too. Oh and SasoDei. And so many others I can’t think of right now. Well anyways, I

  9. YaoiFreak13 Says:


  10. YaoiFreak13 Says:

    Oh here are my fav Naruto boys:
    1. Neji
    2. Sasuke
    3. Deidara
    4. Itachi
    5. Sasori

  11. i agree naruto is totally CUTE!!

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