NaruSaku– Naruto and Sakura

Ah, NaruSaku. What can I say about them? They’d be really good together, in my opinion.

Sorry to all the NaruHina fans– I don’t think Naruto sees her as more than a friend and classmate. I, personally, really like KibaHina– they’re just adorable together. 😀

A lot might say the same thing about Sakura– she doesn’t view Naruto as more than an annoyance or even more than just someone she has to work with to get her “true love” Sasuke back.

A note on that: true love takes two people, Sakura. As you can guess, she’s my favorite anime/manga girl, and a fantastic kunoichi. I just wish she had a little more common sense about her crush on Sasuke. He’s so not right for her. He totally ditched her right when she was telling him that she loved him, and another time she tells him this, he goes and tells her that she’s a little kid and she makes him sick.

You can probably see why I like Shippuden Sakura, like, a million times more. In fact, during the first half of the Naruto series, I barely liked her at all– Temari was my favorite girl. Now that Sakura is older, wiser, not boy-crazy and a lot like Tsunade, she’s such a better character, and so much more complex and deep.

Anyway, this was the original Naruto couple I had in mind. Suddenly, though, I was swayed just a little by KakaSaku– Kakashi and Sakura as a couple, but I soon ditched that idea and realized that a romance between them might be unlikely, and that even though love has no age limits, he’s probably twice her age, and that if he has any tender feeligs for her it would be the desire to protect her. Y’know…

Yeah some people really go for this (see below) but I think it’s more of a protection-affection.

Not This...

Not This...

 Not that…try this!

Fighting Side by Side

Fighting Side by Side

Yeah, I like them fighting as, like, teacher and student, working along side each other.

Sakura’s reactions to KakaSaku:





 “Ewww…me…and SENSEI…?”

...No comment...!

...What...?!?! !$#&@*?!?!

 “Y-You think that Kakashi-sensei and I did…what?”

...No comment...

...No comment...



You've Got Nerve Suggesting That!

 “WHAT THE EFF?! DUDE! I can’t be-leeeeve you think Kakashi-sensei and I are ‘in a relationship’!”

Now I'm Ticked!

Now I'm REALLY Pissed!

 “You are so wrong! Sensei and I are NOT going out! DATTEBAYO!!!! WAIT, THAT’S NARUTO’S LINE!!! CHA!!! DON’T MAKE ME PUNCH YOU OUT, D****T!”

Yeah. I think I really caputred the essence of Sakura with the last two.

So, I switched back to NaruSaku. I’ve been watching the anime a lot lately and I’ve seen Sakura getting more and more affectionate and attached to Naruto as she’s with him more. I’m in Shippuden, and just finished episode 48 (I think) and we can all tell that Naruto is not a little kid anymore– he’s almost an adult (and he’s really hot, if you ask me). I know Sakura realizes that, and I think she’s becoming attracted to that. Can’t wait to see what happens with this pairing. See, Kishimoto-sensei originally planned for Sakura to be just Naruto’s love interest, but she’s developed into a far more complex character and is the female lead. I just think she’ll be with Naruto in the end.

Also: look at the pic below. It’s from the anime. During this scene, Sakura is saying that they shouldn’t be going until Naruto heals. He grabs her hand and tells her not to worry about him, giving her his little charming grin. Does anyone notice that she blushes in the face shot afterward? Man, that’s cute.

Naruto and Sakura

Naruto and Sakura


17 Responses to “NaruSaku– Naruto and Sakura”

  1. ChicagoIsCalling7 Says:

    No!!! Why are you torturing me? Saying all these rational things and listing why it’s almost obvious that Sasuke and Naruto could never be together (unless of course you’re in denial, like some of us, then it could totally happen). And let me say why:

    First off, they are just meant to be. That’s just how it is. They have been best friends since the dawn of time and they need each other! You haven’t seen the last episode (or maybe it was the second to last), but in it, Naruto is learning more about nature manipulation and each elements strengths and weakness. And, as it turns out, he is wind and Sasuke is fire. And, our little dumb blonde figured this out all on his own, he says “wind is the one thing that can keep fire alive” (or something like that). The point is, he realizes they are SO meant to be.

    My other point is purely… idiotic, some might say.

    And it is this:

    They look so cute together! Google it! Search Photobucket! They have the cutest little SasuNaru pictures!!!

    Okay. That’s all I have to say.

    Oh, Gaara’s cute too. Just thought I’d throw that in there. ^-^

  2. ChicagoIsCalling7 Says:

    Oh yeah! Love the pictures and captions!

  3. Aww, the SasuNaru pics are all chibi…
    But I don’t like SasuNaru, even though I do like the wind/fire thing. But, just to make you happy, I will put up a page all about SasuNaru.

  4. YaoiFreak13 Says:

    yay! sasunaru! yaoi! i love everything about yaoi relationships! i like nejiten and that’s about the only straight relationship i like but other than that, yaoi takes over!

  5. I honestly think, That Sakura should forget Sasuke because he was a jerk to her and naurto actually cared for her. She should go for Naruto, even though later on shes going to fall in love wiff him! SakNaru Forevers! ❤

  6. Sakura-Chan Says:

    I’m really agree with your opinion…
    Sorry for NaruHina fans, Sakura really suitable for Naruto. After watching Naruto Shippuden, I became very obsess with NaruSaku. They changed a lot not just from outside, but also inside. They really grown up.
    For anti-NaruSaku or anyone who see my comments, I suggest you to watch Naruto Shippuden The Movie. You can see how far Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke has grow up.
    Of course, Sakure are the most suitable for Naruto!

  7. I like naruto and sakura

  8. NaruHina fan here. I don’t like NaruSuku. In fact, I hate it. I hate it more than any other couple in all of anime. I hate it with perfect hatred.

    Unlike Sakura, Hinata has no other reason for existing than to be a love interest for Naruto, and it shows. Hinata treats Naruto like a piece of gold. Sakura treats Naruto like a piece of shit.

    Naruto has saved Sakura how many times, Sasuke has turned his back to her how many times…and she still loves Sasuke.

    I would only wish Sakura on Naruto if I hated him. I say let Sakura have Sasuke. Let her have his babies. She’ll understand her mistake when her children start killing each other over that Sharingan like Uchiha always do.

  9. Apologies for the language. I didn’t realize the site had such strict language rules.

    • Nah, it’s okay. I don’t like Hinata with Naruto simply because I like NaruSaku (in the most recent chapters Sakura has admitted her love for Naruto (albeit it was slightly strange), and Naruto has had a crush on Saura since the beginning of the series. He hasn’t had a lot of actual contact with Hinata besides a few conversation, it seems. And I’m a NejiHina and a KibaHina fan. 🙂 Well, everyone has different opinions, and I respect your views. 🙂

  10. Sakura is so funny but at the same time cute. She is cute in the first picture with Naruto. They look good together and they are both funny.

  11. Narusaku 4 ever Says:

    I agree with D that hinata was just put in the manga as someone who admired naruto. I’m guessing that’s the only reason kishi put hinata in the manga only for that purpose and also to give naruto an extra nudge to make him turn into 6tailed kyuubi form allowing him to weaken and ‘defeat’ pain. This also made SAKURA admire naruto as the hero of the village. And that is why I think kishi is pointing us towArds narusaku

  12. I think …. No, I’m sure that Sakura is falling for Naruto, and he always liked. When exactly this moment?

  13. My language is not English, but I understand their stupid comments … These characters are not real. Ja ja ja (Although I Also comment) But you to fight over who gets Naruto

  14. I don’t read the manga because I have too much fun waiting for the next anime to release, so I probably get Naruto information later that some or most of you. But every time I think about this and every time I get new information I keep seeing more reasons why it should be NaruHina and not NaruSaku or Naru(anyone else).

    I looked and saw Naruto about to be taken off to be killed by Pain. I saw exactly one (1) person go help him. That person is Hinata.

    I don’t see how anyone can make a case for NaruSaku after Hinata went to fight Pain for Naruto even though she was fully expecting to die when she went. I don’t see why they would.

    If these were real people and you knew Naruto for real who would you tell him to hook up with?

    Would you tell him to choose the woman who actually showed up for him even though it would cost her life, or would you tell him to choose the woman who says she loves him but didn’t actually show up?

    Would you tell him to choose the woman who loved him when he was a village joke, or would you tell him to choose the woman who didn’t love him until after he became a hero?

    It’s very easy to say you love someone; it’s harder to go face certain death for a chance a saving them.

    I’ll end by pointing out that Kishi could have used another character to awaken the fox in Naruto but he used Hinata, there was a reason for that.

  15. Ey Sakura still loves Sasuke
    this is my favorite couple
    i think that Sakura should be with Sasuke and Hinata with Naruto
    i belive that Naruto isn´t intresting for Sakura anymore …

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