BLEACH Couples

My BLEACH couples!!!!!! 🙂

First up, the pair I was rooting for…


Kaien and Rukia

Kaien and Rukia

*** SPOILER *** Obviously, since she killed him, this pair just won’t work out. 😦

Sigh… I guess that means I’ll just have to go with #2 on my list:


Leaving Him Behind

Leaving Him Behind

Renji and Rukia

Renji and Rukia

I do like RenjiRuki. A lot. Not as much as KaienRuki (and yes, I do know that Kaien was married). The second picture is adorable, if you ask me.

Next on my list is…


"Bring Her Back, Ichigo."

This was the scene where Tatsuki gives Ichigo a piece of her mind and saying how she always sees him running around with Soul Reapers and how he’s changed, and not telling her anything anymore. To quote, “Quit keeping secrets and tell me everything!” Ichigo replies that this doesn’t concern her.

To that, she seriously kicks his butt and beats him up. She eventually has to be held back by Keigo and Mizuro (I think) and, betrayed, miserable and enraged, she yells at Ichigo, “What? What am I? What am I to you?! Weren’t we pals? Weren’t we friends?!” You go, Tatsuki. You tell him, girlfriend.

If IchiSuki doesn’t work out, we still have…


"I Can't Do It..."

5 Times

Both of these pictures are from Bleach 237, where Orihime confesses her love to a sleeping Ichigo. She ties to kiss him but starts crying when she realizes she lacks the courage. She then tells him she wishes she could live five lives, so that she could be born in five different places, eat five lifetimes worth of food, and fall in love with the same person five times. Oh, Orihime, you’re so cute. You make me want to cry.  I get 😦 and 🙂 at the same time.

I think that, ultimately, I am rooting for this couple. Just becaues I adore Orihime and she’s so sweet– she’s the kind of person who will be so in love, but will never cling or express her love in stupid ways because she knows it would annoy you.

Next couple…one of my favorites…


Uryu and Orihime

Uryu and Orihime

I love IshiHime, but they’re really unlikely…I like this pic a lot, and it’s actually from one of the chapters! Uryu’s crush on Orihime is really cute, but I think we’re going to have IshiHime.

Now, for…


Rangiku and Gin

Rangiku and Gin

 Darn. I really wish he’d said, “I love you…” Oh, yeah, since it got cut off, in the first panel, Gin is saying to Rangiku, “I wouldn’t have minded being your prisoner a little while longer.” Sigh…don’t tell anyone, but I think I have a crush on Gin Ichimaru! No– I’ve got the dream guy all planned out: Gin Ichimaru with Ichigo’s bod and Uryu’s chivalrous, caring nature, and Kisuke Uruhara’s humor (I love funny guys). Who wouldn’t want that?

On that note…I wouldn’t call these two a couple, but I love them as a pairing! YoruKisuke!

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo

And, yet another pair, who aren’t a couple but who still go together like chocolate chips and cookies (where did that analogy come from…?) is…
Da-da da-daaaah!
KenYachi! Rhymes with Kenpachi!
During Harder Times

During Harder Times

I like KenYachi not as a couple but as a pairing. There’s a difference, of course– one’s romantic (the former) and one’s not (the latter).
I have this really good picture of them, with Yachiru pushing herself up on his shoulder and shoving his head off to one side. It’s real cute, but it won’t save in the right folder and I can’t put it on… *sob* 😦
Well, there you have it, folks! And if I think of more, I’ll let you know.
I’ve gotta say…there are a lot of possibilities…but I think that when it all adds up to it, I like IchiHime the best. It’s real cute couple…
Chibi IchiHime

Chibi IchiHime

And this is a real cute vid about the Ichigo-Rukia-Orihime love triangle, and I think it describes her feelings perfectly. Please ignore the first part, the “preview” that tells the movie maker’s name.

19 Responses to “BLEACH Couples”

  1. where is ICHIRUKI,,???

    • See, these are only couples that I like…IchiRuki, incidentally, isn’t one of them. I mean, if it happens, then it happens, but for now I’m totally for IchiHime or IchiSuki. And RenjiRuki. 🙂 Sorry!

    • rawrSaurus Says:

      (I am literate! I swear!)

  2. I’m in love with IchiHime! I hope they’re together in the future. 🙂 Cuz if they’re not I’ll probably cry. 😥

  3. WHy not byakuya and Yoruichi :O OMG

  4. Okay so I used to watch my brother watch this show and I didn’t really get and I was all for Ichihime cause I didn’t know Rukia but then my brother MADE me watch the 1st episode and I was hooked so now I have to say truthfully, IchRuki!IchiRuki!IchiRuki!IchiRuki!IchiRuki! But…If for some stupid dang reason they don’t end up together *sigh* I’d HAVE to go for IchiHime : (

  5. Sorry… I’m hooked on IchiRuki…
    But I LOVE IshiHime!!!!!!
    It’s soooooooo cute…

  6. err, how bout UlquiHime ?

    damn, i love ulquiorra but it’s no way yachiru can be with him T.T

  7. oh my kami! I love ichigo and Orihime! to me that is like the best couple! and I don’t really like rukia, but it would be pretty awesome as well if she ended up with renji! I love his hair! lol and yoruichi and kisuke… words cause they go together like cheese and crackers! hahah

  8. I see the couples/relationships as such

    1. Renji+Rukia – their history makes it clear to me.
    2. Ichigo+Orihime – She outright professes her love for him. He doesn’t show any such emotion but he does bark at everybody but her.
    3. Kisuke+Yoruichi – They are the most obvious couple to me. A noblewoman that leaves her riches behind in order to be a fugitive with a man and live in modest home is no doubt that man’s lover.

  9. Well, I have to admit that, at the beggining I reaaaally loved IchiRuki BUT when I saw the chapter number 32 it became obvious to me that Renji is sooo in love with Rikiaaaaa!!!! and he is sooo sweet!!! so I go for Renji and Rukia.

    Oh, one more thing, mi ideal guy would have Byakuya’s body, would be capable of really deep love like Renji, would have Urahara’s sense of humour (I love funny guys too), would be nice and strong as Chad and would have Uryu’s chivalrous, *SIGH* a guy like that is way too good to be truth!!!!!! xD

  10. dat video was SUPER CUTE and AWESOME i also like those couples good work

  11. I like the idea of Ichigo and Orihime….he’s not compatible with Rukia…and Rukia really doesn’t have any valid feelings for ichigo…I beleive she loves Renji. Of course to be perfectly honest Ichigo doesn’t seem compatible with most anyone most of the time….and doesn’t show any general insterest in the girls of the Bleach series. To be honest I can think of many more yaoi parings than most any other kind. Ikkaku and Yumichika, Shuhei and Izuru, sometiems even Renji and byakuya kuchiki. Often it seems like the more masculine males like Kenny who complement and show interest especially of the female shinigami are often ignored for characters like Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya, and Chad who often show no interest in romantic relationships and seem more content in a male driven romance. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it….but even though I like the ichihime love…he doesn’t even act like she exist. I really want shunsui and Ise to fall in love…to me that paring makes the most since…others would be momo and Toshiro, Nemu and Uryu, and kisuke urahara and yoruichi…who I think on some grounds might already be togehter.

  12. rangiku_63 Says:

    i love Ichigo and Orihime.They sure are the best couple.
    but the picture i like best over there is Ishihime.

  13. Ok not to break any hearts but renji was all for killing rukia kaien shiba is DEAD he was consumed by hollow and byakuya is her brother for those blissfully ignorant people so she as in rukia belongs with ichigo but tite kubo says in shonen jump

    SJ: Do you have any plans to make Ichigo and Rukia a couple?
    Kubo-sensei: I’m not going to confirm nor deny that. [laughs]


    • pixie45 Says:

      Don’t know if you heard, but Kubo also said that Ichigo are “more than friends, but less than lovers.” And what is “haha”? There’s no need to be malicious. It’s distasteful.

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