Black Cat

Possibly one of my favorite animes (I actually haven’t read the manga…I’m getting started on it soon) that I would like to share with you! This page contains the plot and pictures of characters! I’ll only go up to a certain point in the series because I don’t want to spoil too much for you… ❤


Enter Train Heatnet (!!<3!!), orphan and assassin for the elite underground organization called Chronos that society has come to love and fear, knowing the name and knowing the power but never fully realizing that Chronos is ever present. Chronos’ mission: to rid the world of evil and give justice and prosperity to the future. Chronos is all-powerful, owning and controlling 1/3 of the world’s economy through underground control of almost every business.

The Chronos Numbers are their top workers, elite assassins who use Orichalcum-made weapons which have their “Number” engraved on them, as is on some area of their body.  Originally, there were twelve Chronos Numbers, but an exception was made when Train Heartnet joined Chronos, and he was made into the Thirteenth Chronos Number, tatooing a Roman numeral VIII (13) on his chest and recieving an Orichalcum metal gun, called Hades.

Train soon surpassed all the Chronos Numbers, except for possibly (this is somewhat hazy) Number 1, Sephiria, who leads the Numbers.  He is known as “Number 13” or “Black Cat” and is regarded by all as a ruthless, machine-like assassin who knows no limits. His trademark line, the one he says as he kills his targets, is: “I’ve come to deliver some bad luck.” No target of his has ever survived.

Enter Sven Vollfied, a Sweeper. Unlinke Chronos, Sweepers are every-day assassins (ha, everyday assassins, can you imagine?), also known as bounty hunters. He does not get paid well for his job at all, though his skills are exceptional. His metal briefcase, which he takes with him almost anywhere, is full of various traps that can be sprung from the case. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye because it is a “vision eye.” With it, he can see a few seconds or a few minutes into the future, but it saps his energy quickly.

Train and Sven meet at a party, in a very unfriendly situation: Train is sent to kill the person that Sven is attempting to collect for a fee, a politician. The bottom line: unknowingly, they have the same target. Train successfully completes his mission, killing the politician before anyone could guess what happened. He then makes his escape, Sven trying to get Train’s name. Train doesn’t give it, telling Sven it doesn’t concern him.

It is later on, when Train is sitting on his roof and recalling his bloody childhood that he meets Saya Minatsuki. Neither realizes that the other is there, and Saya begins to sing.

(What you see before she starts singing is Train as a child, killing people, then Train as a teenager killing people, then Train at his current age killing people, but then looking at “himself” pointing his gun at his head. This is the English version and I like it better when Saya finishes with, “My life won’t be in vain.”)

After this encounter, Saya talks to Train and at first he is extremely wary of her light-hearted, upbeat attitude, though it has a profound affect on him that leaves him deep in thought about this strange girl wearing a yukata and singing to the moon.

We get back to Sven, who is now taking on a case: a young woman named Elena wants him to retrieve her little sister, Eve, who she claims was kidnapped by Torneo Rudman.

Before we continue with that, though, we have another encounter with Saya and Train: she tells him that she is a Sweeper. The next job she has is to hunt down Preta Ghoul, a criminal whose skin is so acidic that it can burn through anything. Saya fights Preta Ghoul and is suddenly in a tricky situation and at a disadvantage. Train blasts through the roof and tries to save her, but to no avail. Finally, they work as a team and Preta Ghoul is hauled away.

Train recieves his next assignment: to kill a little girl named Eve who is under the custody of Torneo Rudman.

Meanwhile, Sven takes Elena to Torneo’s house and they try to recapture Eve, only to reach Eve’s room and find that Train is there, pointing a gun at the little girl’s head, who seems extremely calm about all this. However, no one succeeds in completing their missions due to the security guards who enter the room and outnumber them completely.

After their escape, Sven asks Elena who she really is, coming to the conclusion that it would take more than just an average, kidnapped little girl to be hunted by a Chronos Number, let alone Black Cat. Elena explains that her name is really Rinslet Walker, and she works for…everyone, really: she is a world-class thief. She works for anyone, from the FBI to the Mafia. She explains that Eve is a bioweapon made with nanotechnology. In layman’s terms, this means that Eve is the most powerful weapon in the world, and with nanotechnology, she can transform her body to her advantage (her arm into a machine gun, her hair into daggers, etc.), and that she was hired by the army to get Eve.

Back to Saya and Train, who are getting closer and closer as friends. Saya tells Train something that changes his life: he makes the choice who to shoot, and his gun is just a tool. Train is struck by this because he was trained to follow orders swiftly and obediently, never thinking about the people he slaughtered. He is given orders again, later, to go back and kill Eve.

Sven goes to the park and runs into Eve, who is there because she managed to escape from Torneo’s house, after being called a “demon” and playing a game of “tag” in which she is it and she has to kill the people who are running. Sven knows he has to capture her for Rinslet, but is hesitant to do it. He gets very weird and uncomfortable, unable to take this little girl who seems so innocently clueless and has never eaten food (she doesn’t need to, but she can).

Eventually, though, he warms up to her greatly and even buys her ice cream, realizing that she is just like any other little girl. However, Eve is taken away by Torneo’s men and Sven returns to Rinslet, telling her that he can’t allow Eve to be treated like a machine and wants to help her live a normal life.

Train, after meeting with a co-worker, Creed Diskenth, who seems to have almost a gay obsession with him, plans to go kill Eve and complete his mission.

Sven and Rinslet go to Torneo’s house, this time more prepared, and arrive at the same time Train does. Train and Sven are racing against each other and the clock to reach Eve, and Sven does first, telling her that he’ll save her and buy her all kinds of good food.

Eve agrees to go with Sven, but Torneo interrupts by bursting in and controlling Eve with a program that turns her into an unthinking weapon. Sven is trying to get her freed from the program, with little success.

Meanwhile, Rinslet is wandering around the basement of Torneo’s house and she comes across a labratory. She steals information on Eve and some files of Tearju Lunatique, Eve’s inventor and a famous scientist. She also sees some experiments gone wrong, resulting in strangely deformed animals.

Rinslet leaves the lab and goe sto get Sven, who has been stabbed by Eve, but has successfully removed the program. Eve is horrified by what she did, and starts to cry, but Sven tells her it’s okay. Rinslet, Eve, and Sven all run away, as Torneo’s house burns.

While Rinslet is attempting to bandage Sven, Train comes to kill Eve. After Sven pleads, he remembers Saya’s words and leaves them to live.

Train decides to quit Chronos and give up life as Number 13. Creed tries to persuade him not to but Train does all the same, successfully defending attacks aimed at him from Chronos. It’s all thanks to Saya’s words, saying that Train wasn’t the tool, his gun was, and he had a choice whether or not to kill.

I believe this is around the part where Jenos Hazard enters. JENOS! He’s almost as hunky as Train. He meets Rinslet in a bar,becomes immediately infatuated even though he’s trying to get her to work for him, and gets her a drink called “Destiny”, telling her that it’s appropriate for the occasion. He has to leave suddenly, on a mission for Chronos (Jenos is Chronos Number 7), and Rinslet demands who is going to pay for Destiny.

Creed is getting angrier and angrier with Train for leaving Chronos, and eventually, he realizes that Saya is the cause. He tells Train that he has been bewitched and tells him to kill Saya. Train responds that he wouldn’t do that, as he has developed feelings for the happy-go-lucky Sweeper.

It doesn’t take long for Creed to decide to take action, though his plan has to wait a little longer.

After leaving Chronos, Train has become a new person: he’s happier and more comfortable with life. His friendship with Saya is strong and he doesn’t want to kill people anymore. He invites Saya to a fireworks show because he lost a race to her, and says he’ll buy her ramenae. She leaves early to get a good spot, and Creed meets up with her instead of Train.

Meanwhile, Train awakes from a nap to find a note from Creed and a rose. The note says that Train “will be free from that witch’s spell tonight.” Realizing Creed’s intent, Train frantically runs to the fireworks show, trying to save Saya.

Saya, however, has fallen victim to Creed, who wields a sword that is invisible and can expand to any length at his will. Saya tells Creed that Train deserves to be free, even as he continues to slice and stab her. Eventually, some kids draw near and Creed almost kills them, except that Saya does a reflecting shot, the bullet ricocheting off a wall and hitting Creed’s leg. The children run away, but Creed stands up as if he’d never been shot, and he stabs Saya fatally.

Train arrives, having been led by the children, and runs to Saya, punching Creed as he does so. He goes to Saya and holds her, telling her to stay alive but she smiles up at him and tells him she just wanted her ramenae.

Then, her eyes reflecting the fireworks in the sky, Saya dies.

Train, furious and agonized, attempts to avenge Saya by killing Creed, but to no success, and only ends up getting hurt. Eve and Sven find him later, as a boat on the river catches the area on fire, and take him home, passing by the alley where Saya’s body is. The whole area is consumed in flames.

After fully realizing that Saya is dead, Train vows to avenge his love and kill Creed for her. He becomes a Sweeper and decides to stay with Sven and Eve to turn his life around.

Thus, the Black Cat’s new life begins.

Character Pictures

TRAIN HEARTNET (KYAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Hiss occasional smiles knock me for six. I think I’m getting a nosebleed… <3)




EVE (I just can’t find good pics of her…)


CREED DISKENTH (one creepy guy)

And just pictures of Black Cat in general!

Saya, Train, and Creed

TRAIN! Mon Amour…

Sven, Train, Rinslet, Eve, and the little white cat (a joke for people who’ve seen the anime…)

Train, Sven, Eve, and Rinslet


Well, I hope that this has inspired you to watch my favorite anime!!!!!! I love you all!



10 Responses to “Black Cat”

  1. ChicagoIsCalling7 Says:

    So, basically… it’s a bloody love story between assassins with many complications thrown into the mix? Sorry if I missed anything, I read up to the youtube video, but then just sorta skimmed. ^-^

    Anyway, sounds good!

    Maybe I’ll check out the anime.

    Your recommendations usually turn out great anyway.

  2. Yes, that’s basically it. I’m writing this at school so I have to go. Bye!

  3. This is also my favorite anime and my favorite scenes are when train enters with a gun shot,mostly at the enemy

    • Seriously, I love this anime. However, I started with the anime so it’s harder to get into the manga, you know…? It’s not like that with other mangas and animes, but with this the nime was different, and I was used to the anime so I wasn’t enjoying the manga because I was expecting things to happen and they didn’t or I was not expecting things to happen and they did. Does that makes sense…? *sweatdrop*

  4. Tha heartnet Says:

    I love black cat. .! ! !

  5. hey, I saw the anime already (Train is awesome!) And I was wondering, does the manga have the same storyline/ending? I wanna know before I try reading it.

  6. See, I started with the anime and when I read the manga, it completely threw me off. It starts differently from the anime and ends differently, too. I still highly recommend it. I mean, if you enjoyed the anime, you’ll enjoy the manga, which is slightly more hardcore. Ididn’t think I’d like it, but it’s still really good.
    Some differences are:
    1. It starts off with Train and Sven already partners.
    2. Train doesn’t feel quite as romantically inclined as he does in the anime towards Saya Minatsuki, who met him when she saved his life (I think. I don’t remember well…)
    . I’m not gonna tell you the ending!!!!! But it doesn’t end with the Adam/Eve arc like it does in the anime…that’s not even part of the story…

    • Oh, cool! Thanks so much. I really didn’t want to read it if it ended like the anime. I didn’t like the ending so much


    ME ENCANTA TRAIN ES MUY GUAPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.ES EL NUMERO 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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